Monday, June 8, 2015

Final Question

1. My greatest strength is editing. I'm extremely comfortable with photoshop and can usually end on what I imagined. I could improve on planning as that's something I've struggled with.

2. My work ethic has grown, and I greatly improved on working with deadlines. At the beginning of the semester I was terrible at turning work in on time, and it's something I've gotten better at.

3.  Gifs, I feel the had the most creative freedom.

Photo Essay

 full circle  


Thursday, April 9, 2015


 Brb -- Dumbfoundead

"I'm in the sky and ain't sure when I'll be coming down.
Go ahead without me, I'll be on the next shuttle out."

 Poundcake Freestyle -- Childish Gambino

 "cause nobody knows what to do when the worlds perfect" 

 Club Soda -- Flatbush Zombies

"Her imagination bleed into mine, we intertwined"